Work is well underway for the new Evolution Spa and Performance Centre. We’re excited to see the building take shape and each day something new is added.

You can tailor your own package from our Spa Packages, Group Spa Days, Spa Hire, treatments and more.

We are so proud of how much Fitness Evolution has grown over the last few years, we want to continue and share this success with you by developing our facilities. Our Spa and Performance Centre will include a Sauna, Plunge Pool, Steam Room, High-Performance Gym, Cryotherapy Suite and Environmental Chamber.

Take a look inside Evolution Spa and Performance Centre:



    Feel the instant benefits in our Sauna to help you reduce tension, relieve pain and simply get that well-deserved relaxation after your workout.


    Plunge Pool

    Take a dip in our Plunge Pool to improve circulation and blood flow, heal at a faster pace and reduce sore muscles. Not to mention escalate your energy levels, reduce anxiety and improve your overall well-being!


    Steam Room

    Our steam room should be at the top of your post-workout hit list. Whilst your mind is de-stressing, your body is feeling the post-workout recovery, loosening your stiff joints, improving circulation and it even working on making your skin healthier.


    Hydrotherapy Suite

    Using the latest aquatic therapies and equipment, this hot and cold contrast pool improves rehabilitation and recovery rates. Ideal for elite athletes, Hydrotherapy whole-body treatment involves moving and exercising in water.



    From Intense Sports Massage to Wellness & Recovery Treatments, our wide range of treatments offer something for everyone. The perfect addition to a Spa Day or a Performance Centre Package.


    Cryotherapy Suite

    Through exposing your entire body to a new level of cold in our Cryotherapy Suite, you will enable your blood to flow to the torso to insulate and protect all your essential organs. More pleasant than jumping into an ice bath, we assure you!


    Environmental Chamber

    This cutting-edge equipment controls temperature, humidity and altitude, creating environments from all around the world. It also enables you to monitor physical activity and study the body under different environments. Keep an eye out for our new Hot Yoga sessions which will be hosted in the Environmental Chamber, replicating heat and humidity of India. An experience like no other!

The excitement doesn’t stop there!

Included in our Spa and Performance Centre facilities is the addition of our new Dance Performance Studio which will provide additional room to host our highly-popular Dance Evolution classes.

Coming VERY soon to Fitness Evolution, Princess Way, Burnley BB12 0AN!