Our FEVO All Stars parties provide every child with a spectacular sporting experience on their special day. Plenty of fun and engaging, sports-day-themed challenges like egg & spoon, three-legged race, obstacle courses and much more! Like that wasn’t enough! Finish your party with a little competition… two teams compete to race against each other by jumping on the mat and reaching the finish line. Have you got what it takes to win FEVO’s mat race?


Basic Party Package: £11 per child

Themed Party Activities

Party Games

Birthday Card and Present

2 Climbing Vouchers

Certificates and Medals

Party Pack for every child

Premium Party Package – £16 per child

Basic Party Package PLUS

Inflatable Obstacle Course


Food and Drinks

Ultimate Party Package – £21 per child

Basic Party Package PLUS

Inflatable Obstacle Course

Food and Drinks


sandwiches, crisps, drinks,

sweets/mini chocolate bars &

fruit for each child.



Let your little ones become dance superstars for the day with our FEVO dance parties! With party games such as musical chairs and musical statues, our dance parties involve lots of dancing and fun. For the grand finale your instructor will teach a choreographed dance which will be performed to the audience of parents, with the birthday child taking center stage!


Your traditional football party, FEVO style! Come and have a go at our fantastic football parties packed with plenty of kicks, tips and tricks. The special birthday child’s premier day will consist of football themed mini-games, matches, competitions and for the finale a penalty shootout. Spending plenty of time on the ball improving their skills, making positive friendships and leaving feeling like champions… What’s not to enjoy?


Fancy a swing? Just don’t miss out on Fitness Evolution’s fun and engaging Kwik Cricket parties. Packed with unique ways to improve your party’s batting and fielding skills all whilst creating positive friendships along the way. Also, finish your party with a Kwik Cricket match aimed to motivate and inspire your party to strike the negative and catch the positive out of cricket and LIFE!


Duck, dive and defend – this party isn’t for the faint hearted! Why don’t you try something new with our dodgeball parties? Trust us when we say, “Your birthday child will love it!” Jam-packed with fun dodgeball-themed mini-games, challenges and matches designed with maximum fun at the forefront of each activity!


Harness up, click in and get ready for a unique adventure party like no other. Our Climbing & Archery parties consist of adventure-themed mini-games, bouldering, harnessed climb, archery challenges, an adventure course and assisted belay. Around all the chaos your mini adventurers are having a fantastic party experience; building their physical, social and mental skills along the way!